What Is Content And What Are The Types of Content Writing?

Content is a term that encompasses expressions prepared by the use of written or visual elements on any thought or subject and presented to the reader. Content includes all of the concepts that people come across when searching for information on the internet. Content is shared on the internet in the form of text, pictures and videos. In this post, we will take a look at the world of content writing and how you can go about conquering the world of online content. Let’s get started.

Content Writing 101: Types, Strategy, And Other Important Details

What is the importance of content?

Content has an important place in the web world. Companies that open a website or social media account must give importance to the content in order to achieve growth. Because, thanks to the quality content they prepare, they can have a presence in the internet environment consisting of millions of users. At the same time, they can increase their customer potential.

Since people are always in search of information, the need for content cannot be exhausted. New content may be needed at any time. When people who want to buy a product also want to have information about the product, the people selling the product should prepare the contents that introduce it. In this way, people can buy the products they know more easily.

In addition, there are many websites on the Internet that provide information and services on the same subject. The fact that a prepared website is more in demand than its competitors is possible to the quality of the prepared content. Users who cannot find the information they are looking for or do not want to read content full of typos prefer different addresses.

Why is content produced?

Content is produced to share

Not all websites on the Internet are sales or marketing oriented. Apart from these, there are also promotional and information-oriented sites such as travel, food, hobby, and sports.

Content is produced to tell

Nowadays, the way to learn in a short and fast way is through the internet. There is a lot of information on the internet, from changing sockets to driving forklifts, in written and video formats.

Content is produced to communicate

Websites and vendors need feedback and healthy communication with customers. For this reason, they need to communicate in order to reach the target audience quickly.

What are the types of content?

Visual Content

It is called visual content when a brand presents the story of the business, its products/services, and the message it wants to convey, with photographs, videos, infographics and cartoons. Visual content has gained even more importance with the more effective expression of ideas visually.

Audio Content

In order to ensure communication with the target audience, it is the presentation of the desired message audibly. Rather, it is offered through podcast channels such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Soundcloud. Through these channels, consumers can listen to books and get information about the relevant site or subject.

Written content

This type of content is made up of the content of the topics that sales or promotion-oriented websites create on their pages in order to reach the target audience. All articles that adorn web pages, from the instructions for use of a product to the repair of a vehicle, from the promotion of a place to the recipe of a popular dish, constitute the content.

How is content produced?

Target audience identification

To attract people to your website or social media accounts, you should create content according to the target audience. Before you start creating content, you need to know your target audience. What are the characteristics of the people you want to reach, what information are they looking for, why do they need it, what keywords do they ask to reach the information, and it should cover the answers to the questions.

Subject / Title selection 

If you want your content to reach its purpose quickly, you should add a striking headline. Include your keywords in your title and subheadings. The title you will use should be catchy, relevant, and attract the attention of the target audience. When creating a title, it will be useful to keep the words in the 8-10 word band and if possible within the 70 character limit.

Keyword analysis

It plays a direct role in the promotion of your site/brand, determining SEO and general marketing strategies. The focus keywords you determine with keyword analysis, the areas where your site, and the content you produce will be found on search engines, play a critical role in determining which direction your site will evolve on the internet. By using free tools, you can find out what kind of searches your target audience is performing, their monthly volumes, and their competitive situation.

Content Hierarchy Planning  

After deciding on the target audience and your content idea, you should develop a content marketing plan. With this plan, you can present your content to your customers regularly and fluently.

You do your planning as Awareness>Interest>Action. Your goal in this planning is to take your customer to the next level each time. With awareness, even if your customer has not entered your site for the purpose of purchasing a product, you should be able to awaken this idea in his mind with the content you will present.

Content Writing

After the subject, strategy and keyword analysis, you move on to content writing. Your sentences should be fluent, short and clear. It should grab the reader’s attention, not bore it. You should avoid using too many keywords in content writing. In addition, keywords and sentences should be related to each other.

Be sure to write your content in paragraphs. Remember that long paragraphs bore the reader.

Spelling and Error Checking

After the content writing is finished, you should definitely check it. Check each word for spelling and spelling one by one. You should make sure that your sentences and words comply with the spelling and spelling rules. Throwback, lengthy and misspelled content will be far from the target. You should also copy-check your content.

Content Entry

The more important a shop window is, the more important is the title and introduction of the content. Many readers are content with just reading the title and introduction. For this reason, you should support the message you want to give with keywords and mention it effectively in the introduction. You can increase your visitor potential by frequently updating the content entry with current and new information.

Content Tracking and reporting 

The work does not end with the publication of the content. The search volume of the content needs to be followed up, such as the click order in search engines. There are free tools that do this. By using these tools, you can learn the power and impact of your keywords. In line with these reports, you can make changes or new arrangements to your keywords. By producing new content, you can deliver your message more effectively.

Who is a content writer?

People who produce content for websites or blog pages and are responsible for editing the content they produce are called content writers. Persons referred to by this name can upload the content they have prepared to their own websites, or they can submit it to the website administrator for the job they have taken, and have them shared on the site.

What are the important things to consider during content writing?

Spelling and spelling errors

Internet users are limited to visiting a page in seconds. They leave the site quickly, especially with content full of typos. For this reason, you should check for spelling and spelling errors before publishing your content. Your sentences should be free from repetition, not inverted. You should pay attention to punctuation marks.

Inverted sentences

The biggest things that bore the reader are long, repetitive and inverted sentences. Therefore, your sentences should be short, fluent and straight. Whenever possible, use subjects at the beginning of sentences and verbs at the end.

Speech disorders

Your content should fully reflect the message you want to convey. You do this best with the sentences that you can use correctly and correctly. You don’t want your sentences to be full of grammatical errors as readers get bored quickly. The keywords you will use in the sentence should not disrupt the narrative integrity of the sentence. Revise your sentences after you’ve formed them. Rearrange the sentences with grammatical errors.

Boring long paragraphs

If your website does not share novels or stories, your content should consist of short paragraphs. You don’t want to run the risk of missing out on potential customers, as long sentences and paragraphs are eye-straining. You should move to a new paragraph every 80-100 words. So a paragraph should have a maximum of six lines.

False information

Including false information in your content will give you a headache in many ways. The title you give should match the content. Since the consumer searches with keywords, they should not encounter other informational content when they enter your page. In addition, in order not to have wrong and outdated content, you should constantly follow the content and make the necessary updates and arrangements.

Keyword usage

Keyword usage is important for SEO compliance. But this also has a limit. The keywords you use more than necessary will do you more harm than good. You have a high risk of getting spam from the search engine. Your keyword count should be around 1-2% of the content you will write. But you should be careful to use your keywords in the title, subheadings, and first and last paragraph.

Copy control

Since millions of information are entered on the Internet every moment, you should definitely pass the copy control of the content you produce. You can scan from our tool. Search engines definitely want the content to be original. In other words, the content you produce should not have been on the internet before. Although you have written from your own knowledge and sentences, there is a high probability that there is a similar one on the internet. If you want your effort not to be wasted, you should pay attention to copy control.

What are the types of content writing?

The fact that there are many web pages on the internet and these pages are opened for different purposes has caused the content published on these sites to be divided into different types. Thanks to these types, the type of content are determined in accordance with the type of website and it starts to be written. The types of content writing prepared on websites are as follows;

Product description

It is the content prepared for the page specially prepared for the product on the pages where the product is sold. Thanks to this content, people who want to buy the product can get information. There are details such as the product’s features, how to use it, and production materials. They are widely used in e-commerce sites.

Introductory articles

These are the texts used to promote the website, brand and products. Backlinks can be added to these articles. In this way, thanks to the added link, promotions can be found on different sites. At the same time, these links provide a rise in search engines.

Press release

Press releases are the preferred content for reaching a large audience in a short time. These types of content allow people to be notified of new features. Communication channels such as newspapers, magazines, websites and television are used for this reporting process. It is generally preferred by company owners.

Blog content

Blog content is the content prepared for the widely used blog pages today. The most important feature of these contents is that they have a striking title and touch on topics that will affect the reader. They are frequently preferred content for organic visitors.

Advertising texts

The articles prepared for the marketing of the product produced and sold are referred to as advertisement articles. By using the right keywords in these articles, the desire to rank higher in the search results and to convey the promotion of the product to more people is taken into account. It is important that these articles are prepared in accordance with the target audience of the product.

Educational content

The content prepared for students or adults to get information is educational content. These contents are answers to the topics that students are looking for exams and should be prepared by people who are experts in education in order to be useful.

Visual content

Visual content is the supporter of the content shared as text. Thanks to the visual display of the prepared content to the people, the purpose of preparing the website can be achieved. In order for these contents to be useful and appear in search engine searches, they must be entered using the right keywords.


It is the support of a product promoted on the website with visual content and sound recordings in order to understand the quality and reliability. People who read the interviews can get positive thoughts about the product.

Video content

Video content is used for purposes such as advertising and product promotion. It is also possible for people to use it to promote themselves. It may be easier to reach people with keywords prepared in accordance with the target audience in video content.


Reviews are articles prepared for a product or service. People who use the product or receive service inform people who are likely to receive the product or service by sharing their experiences with an impartial eye.

News text

It is the content that includes newsworthy events. Thanks to a catchy headline and unbiased sharing, people can be informed. News texts are divided into different types.

Case study

Case analysis contents are the contents that include the explanation of all the details about a project that has been implemented. The reasons for the success of the project and the reasons for failure are shared with the readers. It is generally preferred in the field of digital marketing.

In order for the content allocated to these genres to be profitable, it should be interesting, high quality, and informative depending on the genre. It is also important that they are prepared in an original way to attract attention.

Is SEO important in content writing?

It is important that the content prepared for websites is SEO compatible. In this way, content in search engine searches such as Google allows users to enter websites.

For this reason, while performing SEO studies, it is considered to include original content on the sites. Since original and quality content is better and more advantageous for search engines, originality provides companies and sites with profit. In addition, the use of correct keywords as well as originality in the content helps to be successful in SEO.

Is the subject important in content writing?

The subject is extremely important in the world of content writing. Because in order for the content to be published on the blog page, e-commerce page, or news page, the subject must be specific. Content written on topics suitable for the needs of the site allows users to enter and stay on the site.

Content that is not related to the site title or type does not attract users’ attention. Even if it attracts their attention, they log out of the site in a few seconds due to the presence of an irrelevant topic. In addition, the fact that the subject is irrelevant to the content causes low scores by Google and lower rankings in searches.

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